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The $3880/Month Affiliate Hustle
This video is your introduction to the ClickFunnels affiliate program by its founder, Russel Brunson, who will show you the incredible ways people are earning a massive residual income and essentially retiring through the Clickfunnels affiliate program. 

This training, starting with Step One below, 
is a SHORTCUT to getting results as fast and as easily as possible. Watch this introduction first, and then move on to and apply the next Seven steps so you can start earning a massive residual income this week!
If You Sign up 1, 2, or 3 New Members per Day for the next 100 Days to the Starter Clickfunnels Account, You Earn:

100 Sign Ups = $3,880/Month ($46,560/Year)

200 Sign Ups = $7,760/Month ($93,120/Year)

300 Sign Ups = 11,640/Month ($139,680/Year)
If You Sign up 1, 2, or 3 New Members per Day for the next 100 Days to the Etison Suite Clickfunnels Account, You Earn:

100 Sign Ups = $11,880/Month ($142,560/Year)

200 Sign Ups = $23,760/Month ($285,120/Year)

300 Sign Ups = $35,640/Month ($427,680/Year)
Step One: Get a 14 Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels!
To implement this powerful 7 step system, you will need to sign up to a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels. You won't pay anything during these 14 days.

The goal is to have your ClickFunnels account fully paid for by monthly affiliate commissions before the trial period is even over - which is 100% achievable!

ClickFunnels is hands down the best marketing software on the planet that every single entrepreneur should be using for their business, including you!
Step Two: Get Your Own Free Copy of This Funnel!
One of the coolest features in ClickFunnels is called the "share funnels" feature. It means that I can take any funnel I've built (like this one) and easily give you your very own copy of it just by sharing a link!

When you click the link, you'll sign into your ClickFunnels account and this funnel will automatically be imported into your account ready to customize and start using to earn a massive residual income!

How do you get your funnel in front of people? Don't worry, we're going to cover that in step three!
Step Three: Quickly And Easily Customize Your Funnel!
In the last step I showed you how to get a copy of this exact funnel for you to use. Now I'll show you how to customize this funnel and make it your own!

Fortunately, ClickFunnels is as easy to use as it is powerful, everything is drag and drop and there's no coding required. It's super simple and fast.
Step Four: Get Your New Funnel Online!
Now that your funnel is fully customized, it's time to get it online. By default your funnel is 'live' on your ClickFunnels subdomain as soon as you create it.

This option is free, fast and easy but the downside is you'll have ".clickfunnels" in your URL. The second option is to use the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin (great if you have an existing WordPress site). The third option is to use a custom domain. ClickFunnels will give you one free domain with your account so might as well take advantage of this!
Step Five: Setup Your Email Marketing Software!
In step 5 we're going to get our email autoresponder sequence setup. In affiliate marketing, the fortune is in the follow-up, so this step is very important.

I wanted to make things as easy as possible, so I've written all the emails for you. If you're using Actionetics inside of Clickfunnels like me then you can import the email sequence in just one simple click!

But in case you're using a different autoresponder, I've included a PDF version of the email sequence for you to copy and paste!
Step Six: Quickly And Easily Get Traffic For Your Funnel!
Now that you've got your ClickFunnels free trial, downloaded and customized your funnel, put your funnel online and setup your email marketing software, it's time to start getting traffic to your funnel!

I use and recommend Solo Ads for this. This is where you pay someone with a big email list to send your offer out to their audience. You pay for each click so you're guaranteed to know up front exactly how many people are going to see your offer.

I recommend using Udimi, which is a marketplace with tons of different solo ad providers and you can see their ratings and reviews before you buy, so you know you're getting only the best quality traffic.
Step Seven: Join 40,000+ Members in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Facebook Group!
Now that you've completed the first 6 steps, you officially have an affiliate marketing money making machine up and running (and hopefully you're also starting to get some success and see those nice looking orange bars in your affiliate dashboard.). The final (and probably the easiest) step is to get connected with the rest of the ClickFunnels affiliate community. The ClickFunnels Affiliate Avengers Facebook group is an awesome community of 30,000 ClickFunnels affiliates just like you and me. It's the best place to make friends with other affiliates, ask questions, and get the help you need.
Bonus ! Want ClickFunnels to Pay For Your Dream Car Every Single Month?!
When you get to 100 active affiliates, Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, will pay $500/month towards any lease or finance for your dream car!

... But that's not all! Once you get 200 active affiliates, Russel Brunson will pay an additional $500/month, for a total of $1000/month towards any lease or finance for your dream car!

What's your dream car? Well, whatever it is, you can now get it completely paid off for, while earning a massive residual income!
Still not signed up? Now is your time! 
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